Bratty Sis Video

“Do not worry, we do not really care for you!” I laughed at her fear. “We just want to sleep here!” I reassured her. “We were washed by the stream, so we thought it was useless to dress for that moment!” I explained why we do not have anything on our own. “Come to sit down for a while!” I was luring her and putting on a little bit of what we had bought. There was also a bottle of vodka.
We rolled over the lightweight jackets I pulled out of my backpack so that it was not cold. The girl slowly calmed down and then got out of her sleeping bag. “You really do not do anything to me?” She asked again before she joined us. We drank, put a “crown out of a bottle” and were also going to sleep. We were still almost without clothing, but it started to cool down, so I stretched my sleeping bag to get there.
Milena, as the girl introduced us, was wearing a thick sweater, sweatpants and strong socks. So she did not think we were stripped completely and we were naked. “We’re warming each other up!” I said to her astonished eyes and turned on my sleeping bag. At night, it cooled down a lot, because I woke up to Milena’s teeth. “Come to us! Here we go! But you have to strip yourself! “I offered her. She thought for a moment, but the cold convinced her. I turned on the flashlight and saw how she frightened herself everything she was wearing. I opened the sleeping bag and the ice creature jumped to us. After a while we warmed up again and continued to sleep. Although we were somewhat tight in my sleeping bag, but the warmth I had to sleep the sleeping bag. Still, we were slender. In the morning, I was awakened by the roar of the birds who enjoyed the next day. The scrambler’s hand tried to penetrate between her legs, but they crawled together. “No, please, no!” I heard a voice. I realized it was not Lída, but Milena, who had climbed to us in the night so she would not die.