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“No, please no!” Milena pushed me as I pulled her between her legs and tried to get the finger at least in her hair. “I’m still a virgin!” She explained why she was defending herself. “I’ll smell him at least!” I grabbed her head and embalmed her mouth tightly in her mouth. She defended herself first, but after a moment her defense flared and Milena could not blame him.
Lída pulled her up, sat down on her face, and the tongue between her hair fell again. “Ahhh … ahh …” Milena began to shout at what she did to her. “Nééé … no more!” She shouted as Lida put her finger in her butt. She pulled away and twisted for a moment, her hand between her legs. Before she calmed down, we prepared breakfast and Milena sat down to us to fill her stomach.