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My stinging blade tried to get her from behind, but somehow it did not work. So I turned over it so I could press on Lida. Milena climbed out and started dressing. “What are you stupid?” I asked. “I do not want to distract you, so I’ll go on!” She said, wanting to leave.
“Do not blink! Still, we agreed to keep going together! “Lida jumped out of her sleeping bag and caught Milena. She began to undress everything Milena could wear. “Come!” She pulled her to one another and swung to what she had between her legs. “Nééé … this is not done!” Milena defended, but then she succumbed.
While Lída licked her hairy pussy, I stood up and stroked Lido up to the uterus. Milena, with her eyes closed, was enjoying what she did not know, and she was surprised when her eyes opened and right in front of them was my dildo in Lina’s cunt.
She forgot to breathe and woke her up when Lady spilled the sperm that I sprayed on her. But Lída did not let her go, and she pressed against her. She did not have to swallow her, so she had to swallow everything that had gone from Lida.